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We have found information on dating back about four years, although the actual age of the company is not clear. The website is nicely organized, with links to informational pages. Navigation is easy. In preparing this review of Ultius, we have looked at all of our normal review criteria – the quality of writing on the website, samples, and blog.

Small ninjaessaysr states on its website that it provides academic writing and career services (resumes, CV’s, etc.) to customers all over the world. That’s a big client base, and we are assuming that they are serving English-speaking customers around the globe. Recently, a former customer submitted comments on the company and requested a full review of Ninja Essays.

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welcome here to our brand new resource with brand new features of brand new testimonials from old customers ;)

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Our mission at is to provide custom writing services reviews to students. We want to help you find the best essay writing companies who can help you to achieve your academic goals. We do this by providing two types of review writing services.

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The first type of review writing we offer is our professional review service. These reviews are written by our staff writers who have extensive experience with academic and other forms of writing. These reviews are designed to give you a thorough overview of each company we review, a detailed description of the reviewer’s experience, and the writer’s professional opinion on whether or not students should consider using that writing service.

Here is what you will learn when you read our professional reviews:

  • How The Prices Compare to Other Companies
  • What Kind of Discounts Are Available
  • Whether or Not Customer Service Was Attentive or Helpful
  • Whether or Not The Website Was Well Designed And Easy to Navigate
  • The Quality of Writing
  • If The Reviewer Found The Company to be Trustworthy
  • The Existence of Any Consumer Complaints
  • A General Consensus of What Other Reviewers Have to Say

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We always welcome reviews from students who have ordered papers from writing services and would like to weigh in with our thoughts. As long as the reviews are thoughtfully written and have helpful details, we are glad to publish these to

We invite student written reviews for several reasons. We want to know what you think about the writing services you have used. Whether your reviews agree with ours or not, your voice matters to us. We also know that students value the opinions of their peers. We want to build a student community where all of the members of our audience participate in making this a valuable site for all.

If you are interested in contributing, please take a moment to read our policy pages. Then, go ahead and put together a brief review that provides helpful details about your experience. Here are a few quick guidelines to follow.

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  • Give a Three Sentence Summary! What Kind of Grade Did You Receive? Would You Use The Company Again? What was the best or worst part of your experience?

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