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Privacy Policy

We have designed this policy so that visitors to and users of our site will understand what information we collect and what protection we provide for their privacy as they access, navigate through, and use the Writing Reviewer site.

Everyone who comes to our site should review this policy, because they will automatically be bound by it.

The Kinds of Information We Collect

There are two types of information we gather:

  1. Anonymous

Like most all websites on the Internet, we do track visitor movements on our site. We want to know what browser they have used to get to us, what pages they access when they visit, how long the stay on those pages. After we collect this data over time, we are able to analyze how we can modify and improve our site. We collect no personal information in this process.

  1. Personal Information

When people decide that they want to become users of the Writing Reviewer site, they will be required to register and establish a profile. They will provide personal information to us – name, email address – which we will encrypt and store. The profile page of each user contains only first name and first initial of last name. Registering lets a user conduct searches, talk with other users, post comments and join discussion groups.

A Word About Cookies

Cookies are little pieces of data that are placed in a visitor’s browser when they come to our site. Most area in use only while the visitor is on our site; however, consistent cookies are also placed which allows easier login for returning visitors and users. Cookies can be disabled at any time.

User Privacy Settings/Posting of Content

Users set up their own profile pages and can post content to these pages. They can also share their content with others or share others’ content on their pages. When a user allows other users access to his/her page, they can post there.

Users can set their own privacy setting and limit other user access; however, these are not guaranteed completely secure.

Users can also delete anything they or others have posted from their page. However, if others users have already accessed it and shared it, that content will still be out there. We are not responsible for how other users my use your content.

User are also bound by the company Terms and Conditions policy and must read it thoroughly. It will provide information and restrictions about content posting that a user must abide by. Violation of these restrictions can result in expulsion from the site.

Inviting Friends to Join

Users may provide the names and email addresses of others they wish to invite to join. The company will contact them with that invitation. We will hold that contact information and may use it to contact that individual in the future. They may “unsubscribe” at any time.

Safeguarding Your Personal Information

We securely protect all personal information a user provides us upon registration and will never share that information with another user.

If users provide personal information to other users, the company is not responsible for any consequences.

We will use your email address to send you newsletters and other messages that we believe may be of interest. You can unsubscribe to receipt of these at any time.

Sharing Your Information with Third Parties

We do not share your personal information with any third party, except in the case of a legal or law enforcement entity should require it.

We will give third parties access to your profile page if we believe that they have information, products, or services in which you might be interested.

There are two others instances in which your personal information will be shared:

  1. If you make a purchase of something from our site, your personal and financial information must be given to our third-party payment processor. We use an SSL-certified processor that many other large online retailers use. We have never had a breach of our system.
  2. If we should sell or otherwise transfer our company and site to another entity, your personal information will be passed along to that new owner. We will notify you in advance of this, so you have the right to cancel your membership. If you do, your information will be wiped from our system.

When a User Chooses to Share Personal Information

If a user shares personal information with another user, we are not responsible for what that user may do with the information

If a user shares personal information with a third-party from our site, we are not responsible for any consequences.

Third-Party Links

There are links to other organizations and company websites on our site. We do not endorse or guarantee any information, products or services they may be offering. Is a user inks to a third-party site from our site, our privacy policy no longer applies, and the user accepts responsibility for any consequences.

Editing or Removing Your Information

There are options on the user page to edit information or content. Changes are immediate. However, deleting any content does not guarantee it is still not present on other users’ pages.

What We Protect

We have the most current security measures in place to protect user personal information. Content that a user posts, however, is not protected. If a user posts personal information, it becomes public information and we are not responsible for protecting it.


This policy is binding upon anyone who visits or who becomes a user of our site.

Should we change this policy, you will be notified. Any changes become effective as soon as they are published. If you disagree with any changes, your option is to drop your membership.