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We believe that our primary job as an online writing services review site is to empower college students to make the best choice possible when choosing a company to help with their writing assignments. We take this very seriously, and providing you with professionally written reviews, and letting you know what we think is only part of this process. We want you to understand how to identify the best online writing service for you.

Here’s What we Want to See in a Top Writing Service

It should go without saying that we aren’t going to give any company our stamp of approval if they do not provide a well-written paper that is delivered on time. However, we have discovered that it is important not judge a company on that alone. There are too many other factors to consider. This is why we must look at multiple details before we make a final decision. Here are things that we consider over and above writing quality:

Website Design And Navigation

We want to see websites that are professionally designed and mobile friendly. The pages should load quickly. The content should be relevant and highly readable. If the reviewer clicks on a link it should work. It should be clear that the company has invested a good website that they intend to keep running for a long time.

Customer Service Quality And Friendliness

Most writing services claim to have friendly, knowledgeable staff that is available 24/7. We put this to the test. We call, email, and open up chat conversations at all hours of the night and day. Our goal is to ensure that they are being truthful about availability, and that customer support staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and empowered to make decisions.

Writer’s Professionalism

Here’s the deal. A bad writer can turn out a good paper. This is why it isn’t the only thing we consider when judging the quality of a writing service’s professional writing staff. We want to interact with writers who are communicative, responsive, and polite. We want writers to  ask insightful questions and make great suggestions.

General Consensus

Our reviewers need to know what other people think about a writing service as well. They check to see if there are formal complaints lodged with the BBB and other organizations.  They also read other reviews that people have written.

Red Flags

There are a few warning signs that indicate to us that we are not dealing with a good writing service. First, if the content on the website is poorly written and appears to have been completed by someone who is not a native English speaker, that is a bad sign. Extremely low prices are also a red flag. Remember that the best online essay writers are not going to work for a few dollars an hour. Our reviewers also check with the BBB for complaints.

If the information is available, we try to verify location information. Sometimes we are able to do this by obtaining information from the company website, and then verifying it using Google. In other cases, we have to do some deeper research.

Why do we do this? In some cases a writing service will claim to be based in America. They may even post an American mailing address. However, if we research further, we often find that they have simply taken a random address to use, or they have rented a postal box. These companies rarely if ever offer good products or services.

Customer Relationship Building

A quality writing service is interested in being around for a long time. They show signs that they want to establish ongoing relationships with their customers. They  may have an active social media presence. They may have a blog with well written posts associated with their website. It is these little extra things that build trust and encourage people to do business with these companies long term.

You Play an Important Role

Yes, you can always count on us for a top writing service review. However, it is also important for you to be an educated consumer as well. After all, nobody has more at stake here than you. Keep these tips in mind the next time you want to find the ideal online essay service. Then, let us know about your experience! We would love to hear your insights.

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